George Asil Morris joined the Minnesota Guard in 1913. He was released from the Guard to enter into the US Army on  August 5th, 1917.

He was shipped to Camp Cody in Demming New Mexico for training. He was Company B 186th Infantry. 

He landed in England July 10th, 1918 was in France on the 15th. He joined Company E 165th Infantry on the 26th of July  and was under fire on the 27th.

He fought in many big battles that helped win the war. He left the front on November 8th and hiked back to a field hospital and was treated for dysentery.

The Armistice was signed on the 11th. He was moved to a hospital in Limoge France where he was treated and stayed until returned home in April of 1919.

He was discharged on April 22nd, 1919 at Camp Dodge, IA After his arrival back home he joined bak up with the Minnesota Guard in June of 1920 where he continued to serve until 194 7. He finished as a Captain.

This info is from his war diary and letters he sent.